Mini interview: Alexander Pfister

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Another great designer who have the board game world spotlight on him, give us some answers, few days before presenting his new creations at Essen 2016: Alexander Pfister!

JogoEu (JE) – Could you please make us a brief review of the concept of Great Western Trail?

Alexander Pfister (AP)In Great Western Trail we are cattlemen, herding cattle to Kansas City. There we deliver them by train to cities like Santa Fe, El Paso or the most prestigious city in this game: San Francisco. When it’s your turn, you move 1 to 4 spaces and take the action of the building you reached. First their are only neutral buildings. Every player can take these actions. But you can build your own buildings on the path to Kansas City, which give you more powerful options. You can also improve your actions by hiring more cowboys, craftsmen and engineers. They help you buy more cattle, build houses and railroads. There is a lot going on, but turns are fast.



(JE)When do you start this project? Tell us the background of the first ideias.
(AP) – I think it was 5 years ago when I started the game. I wanted to design a game with a circular path and buildings giving you more and more possibilities over the course of the game. So, easy start but many options at the end of the game. Great Western Trails was always set in America. Trading with Indians was included and as well as hiring staff, which improves your actions.

(JE)What kind of public do you you think will love Great Western Trail?
(AP)It is a heavy game. Those, who liked e.g. Mombasa will also like Great Western Trail. The game will take about 30 minutes per player, the first game even longer. I think its good to get started very fast on learn the game on the fly. Just visit the neutral buildings and carry out their actions and read the details when they come up.



(JE)Do you will be in Essen to promote the game?

(AP)I will be in Essen, but unfortunately only on Saturday. I could not come earlier. I will promote several of my games, e.g. Isle of Skye or Longsdale in Revolt, which is the first new narrative expansion for Oh My Goods.

(JE) From all the announced games which catch your attention the most?
(AP)I like the games of Stefan Feld a lot so after he did not publish anything last year, I’m looking forward to “Orakel in Delphi”. Just yesterday in the gaming club some already played it and liked it.

Thank you very much Alexander for your answers, we sure our readers will love them!

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