Mini interview: Marco Canneta

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Another great familiar duo and again italiens! Marco Cannetta kindly answer us some questions about his new hit game – Railroad Revolution. Enjoy it!

pic2282317_mdJogoEu (JE)Could you please make us a brief review of the concept of Railroad Revolution?

Marco Cannetta (MC)Railroad Revolution is a game about building a railroad network across the USA, set in the 19th century. At least, this is the theme. However, during the game players have much more to deal with: stations, telegraph offices, trains, deals, milestones to be completed, performance tracks for improving the company value (= the VP scored at the end of the game).
The 4 available actions (building stations, rails, telegraph offices and selling assets of the company) are carried out by workers with different skills, and the outcome and the cost of the action depend on the worker you used. So the main task is to build and manage your own pool of workers.

JE – When do you start this project? Tell us the background of the first ideas.

MCWe started working after the publication of ZhanGuo. We had a game idea and What’s Your Game? was interested. So, it had been easy to find an agreement and to begin.
However, the path to the publication had been very long and full of hurdles. The theme indeed was very fascinating but also very challenging, because we wanted to introduce some original features together with well know elements. In a game about trains and rails people expect trains, rails, stations, connections between cities and so on. These are features that make the game intuitive and a little more “familiar” for the public. We spend also time learning other games such Ticket to Ride, 1830, Chicago Express, Trains, The Last Spyke (this is obviously a not exhaustive list), looking for analogies and differences.
At the end of the work, we hope we had introduced something new, in the mechanics and (finger crossed) in the gameplay feeling.


JE – What kind of public do you think will love Railroad Revolution?

MC – Railroad Revolution is apparently easier than ZhanGuo and has a shorter duration (sometimes too short, I still would do a lot of thing and I can’t). I say apparently easier because the rules are intuitive and easy to explain. However, the victory is based on combos and planning. So, playing is relatively easy, winning not at all.
Despite it is gamer oriented, in our tests we experimented that it is enjoyable also for casual gamers.

JE – Tell us some funny story linked with the development of the game and the team work with Stefania.

MC – Stefania, my wife in the real life, and me, we have two different ways of playing and we like different kind of games. I am more aggressive and I like games in which I can do something nasty. Stefania is a long-term planner and suffers when someone puts high hurdles on her path. You may say Warcraft vs. Carcassonne.
With such different points of view, sometimes, when we design our prototypes it’s difficult to find an agreement on a specific rule. In those cases, we let the final decision to our daughter and our son (future game designer?).


JE – Do you will be in Essen to promote the game?

MC –Yes of course. It is always funny to be there. A great experience.

JE – From all the announced games which catch your attention the most?

MC – Unfortunately, I didn’t have too much time to look around, because we are not only game designer but we have also a “normal work” in the real life.
I may say Great Western Trail and Lorenzo il Magnifico. However, as far as possible, we will walk around in the fair looking for some unexpected gems.

JEThank you Marco!

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